Debby Phelps

I grew up on Long Island Sound in Madison, Connecticut.  I was listed in my senior year book as: Most Athletic.  I was also listed as most argumentative!  But I hope I grew out of that title.

I met my husband Ralph at his gas station in Boulder.  We reconnected 4 years later and after being in charge of bicycle safety at CU Boulder form 1994 to 1998 we gave up the city and moved to Gunnison.  We chose Gunnison because it was a small town in the mountains and we found a beautiful piece of property to build on.  We were only going to stay 5 years.  Now it is almost 38 years later. I like lots of kinds of exercise but my passion is mountain biking and road biking in exotic places. This summer I am pouring out my bucket list before I get too old.  I love lifting weight and doing plyos.  I especially love the ladies in my 6am class.  They keep me on my toes and push me to think up new crazy workouts for them.  They are terrific sports and play my games with me.  I love books….fiction, mysteries,  zombie books,  horror, and adventure.  I am not much for non fiction but I love books about mountaineering and sailing. My hidden talent is avoiding cooking and cleaning so I can play more.

Braylen Unser

I grew up in a small town in central Illinois, called Lincoln. I lived there my whole life until my boyfriend and I packed up and moved to Gunnison the day after graduating college in 2016. We fell in love with the valley and currently have no plans to leave. I love being outdoors and get bored easily when I’m stuck inside all day. Fishing, hiking, camping, skiing, and basically anything that involves being outside are my favorites.

Both health and fitness have always been important to me, but it wasn’t until 2 years ago when I found my true love for the gym. I love lifting weights and starting my day with some sort of activity. The Colorado Fitness Family welcomed me with open arms from the beginning and Im so happy to be a part of the team!

Carrie Reinecke

I have lived in Gunnison for more than 26 years and have raised 2 young men with my husband Craig.  I love outdoor activities like skiing in the winter and in the summer, paddle boarding, rafting, fishing, biking and hiking. I also love to travel, anywhere anytime.

I enjoy a good hockey game in-person, music festivals, camping and love playing in ocean waves.

Favorites: Crab, dark chocolate, a beautiful sandy beach, snorkeling and time with family and friends


I was born and raised in northern Texas until Fall of 2011. Then life brought me to this beautiful valley. I have resided here since then. I have always had a love for fitness. Only recently have I had the awesome training and support to properly reach my body and mind wellness at Colorado Fitness.


I’m Marie, a fun-loving fisherWOman who loves to lift weights.  Originally from Montana, I moved to the Valley in 2009, fell in love with the giant outdoor playground, and stayed after graduating from Western.  I workout so that I am able to move better, which allows me to live better.  Now, I am a personal trainer and front-desk lady at this amazing community gym.  In my personal training sessions, I help clients feel more comfortable with big movement patterns and more confident in creating routines that suit their goals and lifestyle.  I want to help others feel more at home in their own bodies by creating a deeper understanding and appreciation for this amazing meat suit that we take for granted everyday.

Travis Cole

I love living in the mountains….I graduated from WSCU and I couldn’t leave. I teach a killer spin class on Tuesdays and love to run long distance races.

Joellen Fonken

Hometown: Western States

Reason moved to Gunny: To be a nanny for my sisters kids; short lived cause I bought a mountain bike, hiking boots, sailboard… So I could accompany my sister in adventures.
Favorite way to exercise: On one of my bikes or Nordic skiing.
Comedy, Dramedy or Action Adventure movie: Sound of Music
Hidden Talent: Keen sense of direction

Erin Welfelt

I grew up in Delta, Co and decided to move to Gunnison to go back to school. I also just really like the community. I live here with my daughter who is eight years old and so far Gunnison has been great to both of us. I am currently working towards a degree in Psychology with a minor in Exercise Science at Western.

I have taught fitness classes over the past twelve years and can’t wait to get back into it here! My very favorite way to work out is with a group! My favorite classes to teach are step interval training, body bar, yogalates, and kickboxing. I also like a good run, and have participated in the Tri for the Cure four times.

My hidden talent is being able to design and sew outfits and costumes for my daughter, she helps with the design part. I have made the bulk of her halloween costumes over the years.

Autumn Brown

I moved to Gunnison in 5th grade as my mom got a job here as a nurse at GVH.

My Favorite Activity is most anything outside – trail running, SUPing, swimming, surfing, 14ers, hiking

Favorite Movie: Electra

Hidden Talent: Baking:)

Jane Tunnadine

Born and bred in Wales UK, I moved to the USA in 1987 to work with horses in Virginia.  I met my husband, Gary who is from Oklahoma and we moved to Colorado in 1997.  We opened Colorado Fitness in 99.

I love to run and have completed over 55 Marathons…but now I’m just having fun running 5 and 10Ks and trying some mini Triathlons. (seriously awful swimmer!)

I am an 80’s fan so anything from that era rocks my world.

I ride and train dressage horses now but used to be a professional groom for 3 day eventing/horse trials in the UK.

Ingrid Butts

Hometown –  Born in Denver, grew up in Summit county – Dillon
We moved to Gunnison from Park City, UT in 1997 to be closer to our Colorado families
My favorite exercises are nordic skiing, running and biking!
Movies – “War room” , “God’s not dead”
Hidden talent – Making homemade greeting cards!!

Aaron Lamprecht

Hi! My name is Aaron Lamprecht and I am here because I have a passion for helping others meet and exceed their goals. With over 5 years of experience and continued education I have the tools and know how to keep you fit, healthy, and strong. Whether your goal is to feel better, look better, or move better I am the trainer that can help. Contact me today to set up your complimentary consultation!

Aaron Lamprecht
630 220 1337

Mary Burt

A Gunnison resident since 1982, I grew up climbing, skiing and cycling in Gunnison County. I love sharing yoga and mindfulness with all ages, body types and identities. I started yoga in 1992 and taught spin classes for Jane from 2001-2009, until I was struck by lightning and became temporarily disabled and had to take a break. I was introduced to mindfulness during rehabilitation and I started teaching restorative yoga and integrating mindfulness because here’s what I found: it is more effective than any other pain relief or anxiety treatment I was given in the 8 years that it took me to recuperate. My experience teaching mindfulness to over 600 children and 250 adults over the past five years has given me the tools to support anyone in alleviating stress, increasing flexibility and building concentration. Join me for Mindful Yoga- Mondays at 5pm.  

AJ Alt

Hello, I’m AJ Alt; A 6 year trainer with a focus on corrective exercise. I have a passion for helping others feel stronger, smarter, and more confident in their workouts. Fixing imbalances, Preparing athletes for sport, taking the pain out of movement, and creating confidence in motion are my specialties. Re-think how you train, put the right muscles to work for the right actions. Form is everything, come learn how to be strong, smooth, and confident in your workouts and your life. Contact me for a free consultation!

AJ Alt

BS Health and Exercise Science

NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

(720) 320-9189