When you are attending the gym day in and day out, it generally signifies you want to better yourself in some way. Whether it is with how you look on the outside, how you feel on the inside, or a mixture of both. For me, the desire for change was fueled by a desperate need to shape up and gain strength. As well as, the desire to lose some unwanted inches. However, upon entering the gym, I began to realize I knew absolutely nothing when it came to such matters as proper lifting technique, cardio vs. strength training, and even less about macros and proper diet. I took the advice of experts on the internet and after slogging away for hours on the treadmill, lifting weights for high reps, and eating a low carb diet, I was seeing little to no results. It was after months of frustrated dedication that I decided I needed to change my routine and ask the advice of an expert. Enter Aaron. In the past two months of working with Aaron, my strength has more than doubled, and I am more confident in my body and its capabilities than I have ever been in my life. Hiring him has allowed me to reach and surpass my fitness goals and realize that, we as humans have infinite potential. With his knowledge, I have been able to see and feel results without crazy dieting schemes or arduous hours of cardio. In fact, I now enjoy and look forward to my workouts because they provide a challenge that keeps me motivated because of the results they provide. Aaron has a thorough understanding of proper lifting techniques, injury prevention, muscle recovery, and an in depth knowledge about nutrition. He is able to cater your personal training sessions so that you are able to meet your goals through proper diet and exercise. Be ready to feel healthier, stronger, and leaner than ever before with the help of Aaron!