The week's events

  • Praise Moves w/ Ingrid Butts
    Abs and Buns
    Spin w/ Krista
  • Total Body Conditioning w/ Carrie
    Total Body Conditioning w/ Erin
    Strength Session w/ Jane
    Lower Body Burn w/ Braylen
  • Spin w/ Krista
    Dance XT w/ Hailey
    Cardio Interval Session w/ Jane
    Fellowship Fitness w/ Ingrid Butts
    Warrior Rhythm At The Rec Center
    Cardio, Core and Stretch w/ Jonathan
    Barre w/ Alexandria
    Vinyasa Flow w/ Autumn
    Spin and Booty w/ Devan
  • Friday Challenge w/ Jane
  • Zumba w/ Barron