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Back To The Fitness

March 15th -May 15th Get back to the gym, get back to those fun fitness classes, seeing your fitness friends and being social!! Return or Join to Colorado Fitness during this COVID LOCKDOWN anniversary and receive a great T shirt. We look forwards to seeing you again during this time.
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Bob Baumgarten (Carbon Creek PT) MS, PT; FAAOMPT at Colorado Fitness

If you are wondering where Bob is… (he was at Elk Creek PT), he is now at Colorado Fitness and has started his very own Carbon Creek PT right here at the gym. You can reach Bob at (970) 901-7684 or email him at  Check out Bob on the web at
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Sauna Success……

What a hit, our Infrared Sauna is a success with members. At $10 per 10×30 minute sessions its affordable too!!  Some of the superior benefits of Infrared sauna include:  Reduce Joint pain, arthritis, and Fibromyalgia (increased circulation, reduced inflammation)  Cleansing of harmful toxins that we eat, drink, and breathe  Burning calories and aiding in the loss of unwanted weight  Better sleep and less stress  Cancer Therapy, Lyme Disease Treatment and Hypertension  Softer skin, age-rejuvenation and a youthful appearance
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