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Personal Training Testimonial

When you are attending the gym day in and day out, it generally signifies you want to better yourself in some way. Whether it is with how you look on the outside, how you feel on the inside, or a mixture of both. For me, the desire for change was fueled by a desperate need to shape up and gain strength. As well as, the desire to lose some unwanted inches. However, upon entering the gym, I began to realize I knew absolutely nothing when it came to such matters as proper lifting technique, cardio vs. strength training, and even
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Colorado fitness and Gunnison Community Center Connect

Every Thursday is a SWIM and GYM day…..Colorado Fitness members can pick up a REC connect pass and use the Community Center amenities every Thursday. We look forwards so seeing new faces in the gym every Thursday as the Community Center members can come in and take classes and enjoy Colorado Fitness in exchange.  What a great partnership.
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